Welcome! first of all, lets clarify, OMCC stands for Orthodoxy. Mincraft. Chickens. Cats. Alright. next how about we have you hear, about me. My saint's name is Irene. I enjoy: mincraft, chess, cats, cat quest 2, and hugging chickens. I currently own 14 total pets. 11 are chickens, and the rest are fish (black tetras) I used to have 3 cherry shrimp as well, but mom thinks they all died. My favorite animals are: horses, cats, rabbits, and doggiess, in that order. You can expect new articles 1-3 times a week. although somtimes I might be to busy to post anything. the content you can expect will be about: animals, mincraft and my chickens. if I am going on vacation and/or cannot post anyting I will tell you. and last of all, thank you for reading my articles.

As I said in a previous paragraph, the rabbit is one of my favorite animals, because it is so versatile. it can be used for meat, pelts, showing, and they also make great pets. and as an added bonus, they come in a size range from 2 lb to 20 lb and in a range of colors from white to black and a range of patterns from spots to stripes. my favorite breeds are: Dwarf Hotet, Netherland Dwarf, and Tan.

As I have mentioned before, I have a plentiful amount of chickens. 4 are layers, 7 are chicks about to turn into layers, and 1 is a walking chicken dinner (its because he is a rooster and mom doesn't want him annoying our neighbors). we got our layers, december 2022. we got our chicks febuary 2023. our layers have names. their names are: Cookie, Brownie, Honey Nummie, and Mother Hen. 4 of the chicks have names as well. they are: Sun, Moon, Crown, and Blackie. here is a picture of my chickens below. the one on the right is of one of the chicks preening. the one on the left is three of our layers.

here is a pic of a pair of cute puppies I found on the internet.


Orthodoxy is my religion. Orthodoxy is the real unchanged christian faith exactly as it was when Jesus founded it. there are twelve great Orthodox feasts. now let me tell you somthing. in the Orthodox faith you will often hear Jesus' mother, Mary referred to as the Theotokos. which means "godbearer". if you want to learn more about Orthodoxy you can look for churches in your area and/or research online.

how I learned html

w3schools is how I learned html. if you want to start a web-site it is a perfect way to get started. it taught me how to make the link below and here is the best part, it's FREE. click the link below to get started.


news update 1

The walking chicken dinner was killed, mom wouldn't let me eat it :(, I started a new breath of the wild game, and I completed a whole weeks worth of math in one day ( I'm home-schooled ).

more on my breath of the wild game

Hi I am sorry that it took me so long to post anything. I am not used to having a web-site and I have a-lot of school work. in the time that I did not post anything I made a-lot of progress on breath of the wild, which I will tell you about now. I got into all the divine beasts but Ruta, although I am not very good at video games so I can't get to the terminals inside. I just got the password into the club in gerudo town. that's it until the next paragraph. goodbye