A website made by a stupid kid (me)

Why did I name my web-site omcclife?

I was a smaller stupider kid and I made it to stand for my interests at that time (which were stupid). Currently, I like mincraft, along with other things I might mention later. Usualy I play on a realm with 4 other players on it. I can't tell you their real names to preserve their privacy tho. In singleplayer my best suvival world is called: heyyyyy (I don't know why), in creative my best world is: big and I originaly made it for a giant crafting table (which turned out well I might add). On the realm I have a base made of dark oak, in a spruce taiga biome. I live in the middle of everyone elses bases exept the owner, who lives a short distance away. Next to my base is a HUGE dripstone cave with another players base hanging above it (very precarious). Around my base I have staircased down (for diamonds). There is going to be a war on the realm soon, so I have made bunkers for my side around the realm. there is a guy on the realm that steals everyone elses stuff. so far he has stolen from the owner and me and another player.

pictures from the realm:

my base:

owners lab:

inside owners lab:

yin and yang towers:

inside one of the yin and yang towers:

did you see which picture had a different invintory?